Get To Know Yourself

Why worry about tomorrow live for today,
Think of yourself in a positive way,
Search for the love within your heart,
Have a positive feeling before you start,
Get to know yourself.
Set up a schedule to be alone,
Leave yourself a message on the phone,
Read a book write a poem make a scheme.
Ride a bike take a hike or just sit and daydream,
Get to know yourself.
Look in the mirror, check your smile awhile,
Tell yourself you’re your bestfriend and then,
Give thanks that you woke up another day,
Get focused in life love yourself along the way,
Get to know yourself.
Treat those you love with dearest concern,
Forgive them that ignore you in return,
To love yourself you need yourself,
To see yourself, to be yourself,
You’ve got to know yourself.

Discovering me,

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