Eye On The Prize

There is this amazing feeling of contentment within me. Now I can sit back and relax and wait for things to work. I hope they do. My eye is on that prize. Yes. I finally submitted my design. 🙂 Three months ago, I missed out on a design competition and really regretted later especially after I saw the finalist entries and figured I could have made that list too. Therefore, I painfully swore that I would make it up to myself by taking up the next design competition that comes up..especially during the holiday.

As if fate was testing me, a competition was launched, not even a week into the holiday. Without even thinking twice, I registered. Then now I started thinking twice. Been struggling with that week after week. Its been hectic..I dint even manage to fully complete the design..but I submitted it anyway, however conceptual it was.

Now, as I await for the judgement process to be over, I can only pray for the best.  #fingers crossed #prayers in check.

Praying hard,

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