I Love Him..With No Apologies!!

Many people question my cool…how me and M seem to have this almost ‘perfect’ thing going on. They dont understand how I manage to keep it together. Its been really long. We have grown a lot. Coming all this way, I have come across all sorts of people. Some have tried to discourage, some have encouraged. I appreciate all alike. Everyone has a right to their opinion. For some, whatever I do doesnt matter anyway. But this is what I have to say;

You are not the one I cried to when I was broken and feeling unloved,

You are not the one I ran to when I felt like giving up, when I had nowhere else to turn to,

You are not the one who held me close when I felt I had really messed up, and assuerd me that it would all be okay,

You are not the one I constantly share with my deepest and darkest,

You are not the one who quickly pointed out when you thought I was headed the wrong way, found a loving way to do it.

Yet here you are trying to plant doubt, trying to make me question the reason why everything seems so perfect.

See we humans are so used to bad things happening in our lives to the extent that we fail to see the good when it comes, and even if we see it, we dont take it in willingly but try to push it away because we feel perhaps we dont deserve. We really dont, actually..but its all ours anyway.

Doubt..flee my heart and mind today. Fear leave me right this moment.

I now take up my blessings as my very own and bask in the light that the cast upon my life.

No apologies,

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