10 Things I Have Learnt in my 4 Years of Arch School

1. People are always going to have something to say about your work. If you pinup early, you are such an obnoxious early bird, if you pinup late; you are such a disorganized lazybone.

2. Never. Never. I repeat… Never decide to try out a design software/work technique you are not comfortable with/do not like, to do work that has a tight deadline. It will totally drain your creative energy and you will utterly hate your work. You know what happens when ypu hate your work; you dont want to dee it, it makes you sick, you dont make models of it. You just literally dont work on it.

3. Do not take all crits seriously.. Mostly follow your gut. Go with what works for you..deep down, what makes your lose your work.

4. Avoid overprocessing the design brief. Take each requirement at a time and dont let the desire to make everything work rob you of your creative abilites. Nothing is perfect. Its in those little imperfections that we find the beauty. Dont kill it with the stuggle to achieve the illusion of perfection.

5. At the end of the day, most people obviously want to get there ahead of you so dont be so shocked at the things they might say or do to you, along the way up that success ladder. Yes..even if its people you thought were your ‘bossom buddies’. The world is a cruel cruel competition machine.

6. Despise not the abilities of others because you never know the day when you will be going through the same thing but with no-one to lend a helping hand.

7. Take time out. You need it..no matter what anyone else says or thinks. After that bad pinup/crit, go do something totally unrelated to clear your mind off architecture, just dont drink yourself to a stupor. You need sound mind to begin working on the next project.

8. In those frustrating times, cry it out, vent, just get it off your system. Its better than bottling it all up because then, it becomes a ticking time-bomb amd when it denonates, depression sets in faster than you can utter ‘Jack Robinson’.

9. Failure is Real. Accept and move on!

10. But perhaps the most vivid one I have learnt is this classic; if you keep doing something a certain way and it keeps failing you, then its about time you changed how you have been doing things.

*In everything you do, may it be what you love because then, you will put all your all in it.*

4th Year, Its Been Real!!



That Hidden Gift

“The next time something unforeseen
happens to your plans, try not to
view them as a disruption. Instead,
look for the hidden gift-the
opportunity that blesses you or
someone around you. Be available to
be used by God when He needs you!” –

Nick Vujicic

Yes..I am still alive and kicking. I know its been close to half a year since my last post. Its been a journey and a half. Mostly self-discovery. Many lessons learnt.

But not to worry, I will soon share this whole ‘journey thing’. As for today..I leave you with the quote above which kind of sums it all up. Ciao!

Lovely Sunday y’all,