The Struggle That Is Life


Going through my 4th year of architecture, I constantly wondered whether I was fit for the course anyway. Many times I felt like giving up. I felt the need to look for a way out..another career choice perhaps…some sort of distraction, perhaps.

Being an A-student all through my 2nd and 3rd year had given me this sort of invincible streak. No. I did not walk around thinking I was the best. But I did atleast know that I was some place good, admirable, enviable. I hadnt known failure in arch school

…just yet.

Then my first grade in 4th year came!! One very big C+!! The list was pinned up in class for everyone to see. Thats where the trauma began. I was unable to pick myself up from there. Its like I was completely paralysed. This is where the struggle began. I tried thinking of what I had done wrong so that I could correct it in time for the rest of the projects.

Somehow, I still wasnt getting it right because I got C’s in the next two projects. These were 3 C’s so far. My lecturer grew deeply concerned, my friends grew more and more embarrassed for me, my enemies felt more powerful than ever, my parents’ and siblings grew became very worried but still had my back..atleast. But guess what!!

God smiled at me. That knowing smile that reassures you that no matter what, He is there..and has always been. That smile that warms up your heart and reaches to the depth of your you hope. By the time the 1st semester was coming to an end I was beginning to learn the truth.

This was all a test of my faith. The struggle was real..but the progress would erase all those memories, wipe out all those tears and make it seem like a new day. Was I ready for the struggle??

Then one day in church (2nd Sunday of this year) during the day’s sermon something began to stir up in my heart. Something that I took with me that day..on to my 2nd semester of school and hopefully even through the rest of my life. (My 2nd sem began that Monday) It came right on time.

IS This Life Worth It If There Is No Struggle?

What is the point of living if we do not appreciate the little things around us..because we have it all laid out for our disposal…

Is My Life Worth It If Its Not A Testimony?

Without crying, will I ever know what real laughter feels like..? Without those sleepless nights, will I ever know what a new day dawn feels like..?

If We Throw Out The Struggle We Will Never Know The Progress!!

Keep Calm, Hope.


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