He Changed My Heart

Last day of holiday and am already feeling nostalgic. This has been among the best holidays I have ever had. It has been a holiday in its true essence. I have rested enough and right now I am feeling so refreshed, its amazing. I really needed it.

This holiday, I started this blog just as a by the way and it even surprises me how much it has come to mean to me. You, dear friends have made it what it is today and I will always cherish you. Your support; follows, likes and encouragement keeps me motivated.

It has become a sort of accountability platform for me. Sometimes I even find myself thinking..”well..I wrote in the blog that one should be fearless so perhaps I should start practising it..” Makes me want to have a ‘Walk-The-Talk’ attitude. 🙂

When the holiday started, I had to keep my fingers crossed that things at home would remain calm. Being around my parents for so long is usually not so pretty because argument and misunderstanding is bound to happen. However, I have smoothly sailed through this holiday with nothing but good times and no arguments whatsoever. Mind you it has been a whole 3 months.

Lesson Learnt;

“..Maybe God is not changing your situation because He wants to change your heart first..”

I began this holiday with a prayer, that God may intervene for my family; that my dad may become more understanding, and get rid of his temper and that my mum would be more supportive and stop being on his side all the time leaving us kids to suffer under his control and outbursts of anger. I also prayed that I may have the strength and positivity to cope with all these.

Well, looking back, not much has changed about them really, just that I have been careful not to fall victim and God has been gracious. I have been Managing My Emotions..Funny thing, not really funny though, its actually kind of sad; they have had arguments among themselves due on the same-misunderstanding, tiemper.

So am looking at all these, and I begin to realize that God indeed did something really special to me..in me. Something that I will forever be grateful for. He changed my Heart..which has changed my mind, soul. See I no longer think the way I thought, of all the bad that lurked in the dark, the future and the present, past. I have learnt to let God take full control of my tommorrow. My today, He deals with it moment by moment. I dont have to worry about anything because He is Able. He is God over our past, present and future.

My Happiness Journey came as a result of this immense peace I experienced after I made that prayer. I knew I needed strength to sustain it. His Grace has been sufficient all these days. As I go back to school, For the rest of my life’s journey too I pray that His Joy shall be My strength. I know this probably feels like it but No..its not a Goodbye. Just kind of a transition post for me.. Well..then again I might not be able to blog as much with school but Ill try. Oh..and get ready to learn about Architecture..coz it will be all I eat, drink, sleep, think..and talk about. Hallo Arch School!!


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