As It All Passed By..

Will I wake up one day, old and grey,
and look outside, at everything as it moves, wind whirling things on its way, leaves swaying, side by side,
Will i wonder when it stopped for me?

When did time stop, for me;
where was i when all else moved by,
when everything else kept trudging on
Or did i just stand by my window and peer outside as they all passed by…

I want to feel alive every second of it,
My heart to beat to the rhythm of life’s goodness..the beauty of being alive.
Taking it all in, moment after moment, second after second;
Savouring all its sweetness, delighting in all its splendour.
I want to Live Life to its Fullest!!

Goodnight beaurifuu’ people *sweetest dreams* 🙂


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We All Belong

As I walked to church this past Sunday I was amazed at how strong and loud the worship team leader’s voice sounded even from outside. And even as I walked in, the singing was so lively and I thought to myself, “Wow! This lady sure leads passionately..” By the time she was back at the platform with her team, to make a presentation it was quite clear that her voice was already hoarse from all the singing.

The speaker that Sunday was a certain young lady and after praying so she can begin her preaching for the day..she did the most unusual thing, well, atleast to me. She turned to where the worship team was seated and put the worship leader in the limelight. At the top of her voice, she spoke blessings into her life for what lasted like 5 minutes and at that moment it was so quiet. She noticed this and reassured the congregation. Told us not to worry because she moves by the spirit.

As she spoke these beautiful things into her life, culminating it with a resounding Amen, I couldnt help but think…What of the other members of the worship team, dint they deserve blessings too..? Why did she focus on that one lady alone? But like she said, she moves by the Spirit.

..all that just got me thinkin..

Is it right the way we elevate others spiritually just because they seem to move the things they do..things that awe us..?

How about the people that are in the background..kind of like the background singers.. We know the song wouldnt be as harmonious without them there, adding all those special tones and pitches…

Could it be that all we care about is that one person that is able to stand out perhaps due to their special skills and abilities…?

I like to think everyone deserves a chance to be shown that their special even though their input is perhaps not to the same exact measure as that of the ‘lead’ person.

Does it make me holier or more special that I cry when I lead people in song and move people to cry as well and it turns into an overwhelming trance of an emotional moment for the people?? No. We are all equal before His eyes. We all belong to Him.

Jus wondering,

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