As It All Passed By..

Will I wake up one day, old and grey,
and look outside, at everything as it moves, wind whirling things on its way, leaves swaying, side by side,
Will i wonder when it stopped for me?

When did time stop, for me;
where was i when all else moved by,
when everything else kept trudging on
Or did i just stand by my window and peer outside as they all passed by…

I want to feel alive every second of it,
My heart to beat to the rhythm of life’s goodness..the beauty of being alive.
Taking it all in, moment after moment, second after second;
Savouring all its sweetness, delighting in all its splendour.
I want to Live Life to its Fullest!!

Goodnight beaurifuu’ people *sweetest dreams* 🙂


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I Smile Because There Is Hope

Every night as I lay on my bed, waiting for sleep to engulf me, I think about my day..what I did or failed to do. What I could have done better or worse… Today am feeling particularly down for no apparent reason. Having one of those bad feelings that make you just want to cry. Its craizy because I cannot even pinpoint what it is. Maybe its how my day started. Maybe it doesnt have to ens this way. Yes. I can only just wonder and try to fix up a reason.

But what of people who actually have real stuff to cry about. Stuff worth crying about?? I think this through and immediately I feel this overwhelming shame at how inconsiderate I can be sometimes. Sad for no reason..really! More like selfish!!

Then I begin to cheer up because I have all the reason to be happy! Am Alive. Am healthy. I have shelter, food, a family that’s got my back. I have found love. Or love found me..So I begin to count my blessings one by one and everything seems to brighten up now. I have been sleeping with a smile on my face for the past many days and its not going to change now. I try to make it a habit..going to sleep happy and peaceful..knowing that I have done my best living my day..savouring every moment of it.

I sleep with a smile..with a hope to see a better tommorow. That even though tonight might feel dull and blue…atleast I have another chance-tommorow. #selftherapy


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10 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

I know. I know. Who cares!? Right?? Well…I do!! And for that reason, I WRITE!

One day I was very idle and during such times I like to visit the android market to see what new apps ’em geniuses have come up with. *no offence btw* In one of my random searches, I came across a wordpress app and thought to myself, “hmm…how different is this from ‘blogspot’..??” (i have 2 inactive blogspot blogs with like 2 posts each,…one from 2011, the other 2012..) How very pathetic!!…hahaha. The rest is history.

I think faster than I speak and thus have in me so many unspoken words, so much untapped energy. So I thought a blog would be the best place to release it-the energy. Oh. And Im better at listening and analysing situations in my head..sometimes playing them in my head, over and over again. (Call me an overthinker…thats how I roll!!) Organizing all these thoughts in form of writing didnt seem like such a bad idea.

M is very amused at how much I pretend to know the answer to everything by coming up with craizy theories to explain some of life’s intrigues. How about I try to explain it to the world too. Be one of the millions of answers found on google. B-)

My father once told me that I like to act like I know it All..So I thought, “hey..why not share All I Know with the whole world!!” Tell it all to a bunch of people whetger they care about it or not..whether they side with me or not. :p

This you might have read earlier in a previous post. I like to do self-therapy. I will write to encourage if I feel down and I will write to console when I feel like I need to be comforted. I will try to be funny when I need a good laugh and I will write the most heartbreaking story when I feel like I need a good sobbing.

Sometimes I talk to myself and am really surprised at some of the things I come up with; craizy or not. Hence I decided to just write all that crap down for the whole world to see, instead of talking to myself and looking totally insane!! Haha.

The mystery of the numbers and even types of people I might reach out to with whatever I write fascinates me and gives me this undying curiosity. Drives me to just keep writing and keep putting it out there. 😀

By now, you may have noticed that I am an open book. I do tell all. Mostly because I dont have a confidant…and partly because its a safe place to rant and rave. Yes..people. I have put that much amount of trust in you. Dont you dare break my heart!! :p

The irony of having a ‘journal’ as  private as this and yet sooo out-there-for-the-whole-world-to-see is very very exciting. And yes…Nobody knows that this exists. None of my family member. Not even M. Just the other day I asked him if he would be okay with me sharing our relationship experiences on a blog and he was soo cool with it. Poor guy has no clue that this very blog has been in existence for close to a month now… :p

I believe that I can be of great help to someone out there by sharing my thoughts and experiences; highs and lows that life has dealt me. I am happy to be alive and well and to have the priviledge to be able to express myself to strangers and yet connect with them in a way that is so incredibly wonderful. I dont have to be the president of a nation for my voice to be heard, to make a change. Neither do I have to win the Nobel Peace prize for me to feel like I have achieved that ultimate feeling of knowing you have influenced the world. Have my name in the history books and all that other heroic, famous stuff. Haha. Maybe one day I will..who knows, but for now, words are more powerful. So I continue to write..with love..

Keep writing,

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