Thought Of The Day-2


Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.- Rafiki, from The Lion King ( Movie )


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Sing A Rebel Song

From Underneath the Rubble I sing a Rebel Song.

Hurt people, hurt people. Thus pain gets passed on generation after generation. Break the chain today.

Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with passion. Cruelty with kindness. Greet grimaces with smiles. Forgive and forget about finding fault.

And above all; watch with glittering eyes, the world around you coz the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places-from Underneath the Rubble.

Those who dont believe in Magive will never Find It.

   ***Sing A Rebel Song***


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Lose That Guy!!

Picture this;
You spot this really hot guy at a dinner event..and I mean really hot!! Like Enrique Iglesias hot!! Then the best part is, you notice that he spots you too!! 😉

Minutes later, you are flirting away and you are now the envy of every girl in the room. Because everyone can see that the guy is smitten!!

So you start off this racy almost fling thing with the guy…which is all sorts of steamy…seemingly endless flirting; that goes on for days until you reach that place………..D.T.R.

You know how we all wish that some things would just work themselves out somehow, instead of us facing the situation head-on.. Thats how most of us get…in destination D.T.R.

You’ve been seeing this guy for close to 2 months and y’all havnt DTRd…and not because you set some rules at the beginning..NO!! Y’all just having a bit of fun…but you know damn right that it isnt a just-a-friend thing going on coz the chemistry is so tight; tension in the air anywhere you two are.. Catch my drift..?

Now this begins to be a problem especially when the intimacy sets in. Now girls…this is where we start to go wrong..(okay, some of us)
I once heard that you should never kiss a guy you know you wont have sex with.. I decipher that to “dont give the wrong signs..dont lead someone on, if you really dont see anything serious coming out off it.

Depending on how fast you get to know the guy and how much you would love to know him more, you need to dtr to be safe enough..atleast for starters. Just to see exactly where you two are headed.

I know of a lady who got into this emotional rollercoaster with a guy who would constantly dodge dtr and still constantly play with her emotions. Atleast he only got to 2 nd base. Girl saw him for the jerk he really was. Guy even had the nerve to sneak around with his ex .just to get “it” elsewhere. (know-what-I-mean) By the time she was calling it quits, he had lost all the respect she had ever had for him. Lucky girl she escaped that one.. Thats because she knew the best thing to do was “LOSE THAT GUY!!!”

Personally, my first dtr was when I was 15…and at the end of the drama then, I thought I had it in check..but as the years go by, I realize that there is still so much learning. You never quite get it the first time… It always plays out differently just when you think you’ve got it!! But at all times just guard your heart!! Coz thats what hurts most when things get messed up.

Relationship Doctor much?? 😉


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