As It All Passed By..

Will I wake up one day, old and grey,
and look outside, at everything as it moves, wind whirling things on its way, leaves swaying, side by side,
Will i wonder when it stopped for me?

When did time stop, for me;
where was i when all else moved by,
when everything else kept trudging on
Or did i just stand by my window and peer outside as they all passed by…

I want to feel alive every second of it,
My heart to beat to the rhythm of life’s goodness..the beauty of being alive.
Taking it all in, moment after moment, second after second;
Savouring all its sweetness, delighting in all its splendour.
I want to Live Life to its Fullest!!

Goodnight beaurifuu’ people *sweetest dreams* đŸ™‚


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Lets Just Skip To The Best Part

“The wind that blows can never kill The tree God plants;
It bloweth east; it bloweth west;
The tender leaves have little rest, But any wind that blows is best.
The tree God plants Strikes deeper root, grows higher still, Spreads wider boughs, for God’s good-will Meets all its wants.”


As long as I belong to Him…I know that no matter what comes my way, I shall continue to stand. When am going through hard times, I like to remind myself that “He will carry me through…”

And even I usher in my 4th year of Arch School, I am scared stiff. As the Arch School legend goes, it is by far, the toughest most stressful year. Nobody loves tough. My 2nd year was a much fun..and I would love me days like those every now and then. Unfortunately or fortunately, I have to go through the tough to make me stronger.

Times like this I wish I could just fastfoward to the good parts…like my first graduation, with my first first class.. Whats this talk of firsts, you may wonder.. Ours is a two-tier program where you graduate twice. First graduation is after 4th year, Bachelor in Achitectural Studies. Then there’s an optional continuation to 5th and 6th year where you graduate at the end of 6th year with a Bachelor in Architecture. Difference?? 5th and 6th are thesis years and until you get your BArch at the end of your 6th, you can’t be a registerd architect. Sucks!!

Yes. So times like this I would wish to skip all the stress and sleepless nights in studio, harsh crits by the studio masters..and find myself in a flourishing arch firm earning my first cool 6-figures. But then again, would all these be worth it without the pain? Does it even count, that sort of thing that would come too easily.

Oh Life!! Do you have to be soo hard!! Maybe so we can appreciate you more…huh?  All the same, I pray that He may carry me through, as I begin my 4th this monday. Therefore, I am at rest, I have nothing to worry about for He holds it together for me.


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I Give Myself Away

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the intricate mess that this life can sometimes seem to be, I like to listen to music. There is one song that will forever speak to my soul-to be still and to let go. Sometimes we are too engrossed in our problems and all we do is complain. We put in so much effort into that we forget that this life is not our own. Right here, right now, “I give Myself Away”..

“I give myself away
I give myself away
So You can use me

Here I am
Here I stand
Lord, my life is in your hands
Lord, I’m longing to see
Your desires revealed in me
I give myself away

Take my heart
Take my life
As a living sacrifice
All my dreams all my plans
Lord I place them in your hands

I give myself away
I give myself away
So You can use me

My life is not my own
To you I belong
I give myself, I give myself to you.”

By William Mcdowell.


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