When I was 5….

…I fell in love.
Yes. I know. It sounds crazy. It really was, back then, because even though am sure kids arent supposed to be falling in love, because they dont even know what that is.. there I was, a wide-eyed little girl who had just spotted the most handsome little boy ever.

I remember that day, I just stood there at my gate and as I watched him riding his bike without a care in the world, I knew for sure, that this was the reason we had moved into this new neighbourhood.

So is it safe to say that it was ‘love-at-first-sight”? HECK YEA!! Am one of the few left…who still believe in fairytales and stories with happy endings. Hehe. I know. I know. Yes. I kind of live in a bubble too..where everything is all shades of pink and lilac, cute and pretty and smells nice too.

But here’s the other thing about me. When i set out to get something, most of the times I actually do get it…unless ofcourse God tells me to wait which I do..though stubbornly.. 😉

I knew I wanted this little boy to marry me some day. *tihihihii* 🙂
And thus began my obsession and by far, the longest crush ever…

To be continued,

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