Tomorrow Will Be Anxious For Itself!!

Matthew 6:34

34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

A constant reminder to me, the notorious ‘overthinker’ to stop worrying about the future.

I have 4 days to go for my design competition entry. This week I have been trying to beat all odds. Working almost non-stop. I have resolved my design in ways I had never thought I could. Last week and the one before, I was so tired and felt like giving up. Well, truth is, I actually gave up. Especially after my friend and classmate told me that he was tired as well-trying to juggle attachment and the competition.

I remember thinking, “well, atleast if he is out..” I consoled myself with that fact and also the fact that I was very busy with an office interiors project myself. So I also went on to think of the possibilities of my then 1/4 of a design making it through the winnings. It would probably even be disqualified for “lack of seriousness”. Then I also told myself that it was perhaps not God’s plans for me to do the competition anyway.

But what about the feeling I got immediately I got my hands on the competition brief..? I felt like I was called to do it! Where was that promise…? Is it possible that the same God who told me to do it and see His Amazing Works was now telling me that I will not make it..? Never!! Lies!!

I block all thoughts of tomorrow because they are mostly negative and I choose to focus on the now. Now is when you can change something, not Tomorrow. I decided that even though I have a week, I will try what I can..’A Day At A Time.’ (lately I have been feeling like that should have been the name of my blog..oh well..) 19th August ’13 be the D-Day!

Pray for me guys,

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Just Friends

It aint going down…so lets just keep it real!!

Pretending to be my friend so that we can reach that place of no turning back..

That place where you have me so much emotionally attached..

The place where I begin to feel guilty that you have been so sweet and thus you deserve it..

Being there for me when it hurts most and whether he is the cause of it of not..

No..I wont let you toy around with my feelings..

I know you are sharp, saw it since day one but guess what..I am shaper than you!!

Saw this coming all along…. 😀

You sitting there…laying low..waiting for me to break!

(Call me an overthinker, I dont care, thats how I roll!!)

Coz maybe you jus fattening me up for the final attack!!

See I may seem stupid but I see right through your schemes..

Lets face it, I know your type. Coz lets be real, there is no such thing as ‘just friends’. Never ended well..if it didnt end in love..

Oh!! The joy of playing along… 😉

Lets see who plays it best but one thing I know, it aint going down,

Keep it Real,

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