I Choose To Keep Trying

I know I have been M.I.A…posting quick short ones. I love friday evenings, so relaxed..ushering in the weekend and all. What better time could I have to myself, to sit down and actually write.. 🙂

Today was the D-day.. They told us that they would notify the shortlisted candidates today within business hours, they just didn’t say how. This was my first design competition to participate in. I checked my email like thrice today.

You can imagine my excitement when I got a missed call from an unknown number at around 3:30pm. I called back immediately but it was not received. Thank God for ‘truecaller’, the android app which after like 5 seconds gives the name and even country of the caller. I would have otherwise stressed over the fact that I had missed their call…

Okay…lets cut to the chase. I was not notified. Waited for an email, for a text, call..nothing came through. So I automatically assumed that I did not make it to that list. 😦

And this is what went through my mind..

How come I haven’t won yet I felt that I was destined to win right from the very start?

Did I do this all for nothing?

But..*wipes off tears*

I took it all in slooowly and realized that sometimes we dont always win in our eyes..but in God’s eyes, we are more than conquerers. My focus was obviously on the cash prize and all the possible connections I would acquire as a result of an impresssive design. Sometimes we dont always get what we ask for/expect..

God’s focus could have been to test;

#my perseverance-even when I was about to give up,

#patience-when I was tired of waiting for a good idea,

#accountability-working even when I did not feel like it, even when there was no lecturer to push me,

#faith-I submitted my work incomplete and thought that I should give it a chance regardless of how sketchy it was,

I also learnt a couple of lessons on friendship and I realized that you dont really know someone’s true colours until the moment when they are under most pressure.

Then again, I probably dint give it my all. My very best shot. 😐 #feeling-abit-embarassed#

I could easily give up and decide to never get into a competition because I did not achieve what I wanted, or thought I wanted in this one. But what about what I actually needed?? Doesnt that matter more??


*trying to really console myself here*

I choose to move on to the next. That work goes straight to my portfolio though, haha. I may have tripped and fallen a few steps back..but with God by my side, I choose to continue climbing the mountain..till I reach the top. See you there.. 😉

Keep Shining,

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Power Of Belief

     When you believe in yourself
When you think positively of yourself
And from your dreams you create a vision
    And make the vision your aim
    Looking at your aim with hope
           Make a humble start
               And trust in God
        And faith in your actions
      And patience in your heart
        Keep your flame burning
     With undying perseverance
       You will move mountains
          You will touch the sky
              You will be a star
   Enjoying the fruits of success
       Knowing it is the driving
           Magic of believing!!

Dont stop believing,

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