It Comes With The Baby

You know how you yearn for something so bad…and even though you know its not the right time or even still want it. Then SMACK!! Reality hits you so hard and you get back to your senses so fast!!!

That was me this past sunday. Remember the friend I told you about…the new mommy..yes. So after church I headed to her place with all sorts of wonderings and imaginations…that she is probably seated on the sofa..looking pretty so full of love for the newborn but with jut the few hints of fatigue..

Lo! and Behold! Her boyfriend actually led me to the bedroom..immediately I arrived. Because that is where she was….in bed…with the baby right beside her in a tiny crib. And some couple of girlfriends around the bed…cooing and musing at the new bundle of joy..though still asleep. So I joined the group..and sat down to what was going to be the most eye-opening chats in my life.

First thing I noticed BOOBS…which she had no problem joking about but which kind of traumatized me…even though as the mummy story goes..they start to get back to their size during weaning. See I could very much see myself in her because truth be told…on a normal day, we are actually very close to the same bra size :0…which is. . . Heck..this is already TMI.. Just know that am a little past the average breast size.

So there I was mind spinning..trying to come into terms with everything that comes with a new-born. Because its not just about the cute little one..and changing diapers and weaning her/him and lulling her/him to sleep.

Well I knew that…I just had to see it for myself some day..and especially in my agemate girlfriend. I just realized how older mothers seem to have it all together..haha…I remember when my mother had my little sister..our third born..back when I was 13..and she was 33.. Heck she worked it. .and made it look so glamorous.. I guess it comes with age but more so..experienc and I think because of her, especially, I began to fall in love with having a baby. #tihihihii#

Now the worst part came…feeding the baby!! See she had cracked her nipples and she even had some wounds on/in them. Ofcourse the innocent baby sucked away..pulling and tugging where necessary. At first she tried to hold it together, curling her toes and screeching in pain..but it became too much and she just cried out. My! Oh My! You should have seen my face and those of the rest of the girls too.. As we sat there helpless you could see it sinking in on every one of us girls. Especially the one who was seated at the exreme end..for her days were near, hehehe 4 mnths pregnant. When she calmed down she told us that the pain of that could almost make her forget the pain of giving birth. #brrrr#shudder#

I knew I still had a long time before I was ready for that. Gotta have me loads of cash too first. But other than that, gotta get psychologically prepared…which am nothing close to now.

All for the baby boy,

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