Perfect Timing

Lately, I have been thinking a lot. A lot has been going on in my heart too. Its been very confusing..the issue with ‘the other gentleman’..I have been praying about it..very reluctantly though, because I kind of dont want all this excitement I feel to end. 😦

Then today I watched “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor” by Tyler Perry. *No spoilers so y’all try get it..and watch it..and you’ll know what am talking about. In a way it has pierced right through the depths of my soul, my spirit. It has illuminated all the good that I sometimes fail to see and also really brought out all the dark corners of that winding road that I so often find myself wondering about.

I know when He speaks to my heart and right through those close to 2 hours, He did. He reminded me everything that I was starting to push away. It was just the Perfect Timing. 🙂

Stay Beautiful.

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She..In The Cheetah Pants

Relationships. Love. Romance.

I will not say this once and I will not say this twice. Am a Hopeless Romantic!! 🙂

Me being me..I like to observe, think and take my head. This past weekend has got to be the most eventful ever this year. It was a graduation weekend…the actual graduation being on friday. Started off with family-themed thanksgiving prayers on friday and a friends-themed party on saturday. It was M’s graduation party being hosted at his house.

I remember she walked in at around 10pm. Pretty face. Mediumsized great body..clad in cheetah tights, a vest top and jacket.leopard-print-pants-02

A Ticking Time Bomb! At some point I saw M talking to her and laughing like never before and I could almost feel my insides turn. haha. The Jealousy. Grrrr! Turns out the dame was just M’s distant cousin. Go figure!!

It was pretty obvious that all girls wanted to be her..(well apart from me) all guys wished the could have her. Heck!! They all stared at her the whole time she was there. Some two brothers, M’s other cousins were especially very fascinated by this beauty. Incest.

Both of them were very much drunk by that time though we cant blame it on the alcohol. They say alcohol just brings out the ‘us’ we are too shy to show the world. Fastforward to 3 hours later when we had gone out. One of the brothers had clearly got her full attention and they were now seated together  in  very very compromising positions. At some point I even thought they were going to snog away. Then they disappeared for like 30minutes. Gosh!!


I have heard of people hitting on their cousins but never witnessed it first hand. Wanna know the worst part, dunno about the girl, but the guy is in a commited relationship with a girl that he was actually supposed to come with that day. I couldnt help thinking to myself, ‘what if M was like this?’ while am away. Yes. There is like a whole bunch of photos of them too. Hopefully the girlfriend doesn’t get a hold of any one of them because those photos speak a million words.

Now I know why people avoid tagging along their significant others to parties.. So that for that one night they can flirt like never before and for a moment..act like they were single and even taste the possibilities. #sigh


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