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LoveSick Much

I miss the way you hold me in your arms when am feeling blue.

Miss the way you make me laugh when all I wanna do is cry.

The way you rub my back and neck when its feeling sore.

When its raining like right now, I feel safe and warm in your thunder is too loud for me; nor lighting to bright for me.

Am at peace when am with you.

Am myself when am with you.

Am excited when am with you..


Right now when you are far away from me,
All I can do is hold on to those sweet memories.

Hope to see you soon my boo,
To heal this heart of mine that is turning blue..
Look me in the eye as you say hi..
Lift me up in your strong tight embrace..
Touch my heart with that smile on your face.

But until the end of the week,
(the time we always meet)
Am feeling sad but mostly weak,
Coz now it has to be the other week,

Till then all I think I can be is this


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