You Just Never Know..

I know I will forever remember this day. πŸ™‚

If you have read my posts, “my happiness journey”, “I choose to keep trying”..and a couple more in between, you probably know by now, that I tried for a design competition and..well..never got notified so I assumed that I had not won anything.

Yesterday 18th Sep that is..(apologies..its kind of confusing for me writing this in the am..nighttime)..was actually the presentation and award ceremony. Apparently most of the shortlisted candidates had not been notified that particular friday, last week actually. Earlier this week I was going to attend atleast some of the talks that were going on, that would eventually lead to the award ceremony.

However, the zest soon faded away. I guess the fact that I did not get that email/receive that much awaited phone call/text that friday had really affected me. Made me think I had not made the cut. So much so that even on tuesday night when my fellow candidate asked if I would be attending the award ceremony today, I reluctantly faked interest in the ‘place’ and ‘time’. Come today, I was busy catching up with an old friend, in the late afternoon, same time when talks were going on at the awards venue..completely oblivious to the fact that…You Never Know…

Fine…Lets cut to the chase;

Around 7pm yesterday I got a call that I have been awarded in absentia, a special mentions award. πŸ™‚ That placed me as no. 4 in the list of the 5 finalists. I have never been that awed, emotional and confused at the same time..and kind of embarrassed too. How can I be absent in my own award!?? Pathetic..huh?? πŸ˜€ Well..there is actually a kind of solid reason backing the other ‘ boo-hoo-i-dint-get-notified’ whiny crap!! Its definitely a story for another day. *maintaining the glamour that is today’s post* :))

There was no time to think much though, especially about the possibility of having to present my design to the public, though informally. (stage fright + shy + not so eloquent and ish + really shy) I rushed there just in time for photos and general awards to all participants. Atleast I got to collectΒ  my prize too. *kissing it again*


I hate to do this, dear friends, but will continue this post later..its 3am and got a 9am class tommorrow..oh wait…today actually.. I just had to write this today..couldnt wait to share this good news with y’all. I appreciate all your prayers and kindest thoughts. :))

Sleep Sweet,

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I Choose To Keep Trying

I know I have been M.I.A…posting quick short ones. I love friday evenings, so relaxed..ushering in the weekend and all. What better time could I have to myself, to sit down and actually write.. πŸ™‚

Today was the D-day.. They told us that they would notify the shortlisted candidates today within business hours, they just didn’t say how. This was my first design competition to participate in. I checked my email like thrice today.

You can imagine my excitement when I got a missed call from an unknown number at around 3:30pm. I called back immediately but it was not received. Thank God for ‘truecaller’, the android app which after like 5 seconds gives the name and even country of the caller. I would have otherwise stressed over the fact that I had missed their call…

Okay…lets cut to the chase. I was not notified. Waited for an email, for a text, call..nothing came through. So I automatically assumed that I did not make it to that list. 😦

And this is what went through my mind..

How come I haven’t won yet I felt that I was destined to win right from the very start?

Did I do this all for nothing?

But..*wipes off tears*

I took it all in slooowly and realized that sometimes we dont always win in our eyes..but in God’s eyes, we are more than conquerers. My focus was obviously on the cash prize and all the possible connections I would acquire as a result of an impresssive design. Sometimes we dont always get what we ask for/expect..

God’s focus could have been to test;

#my perseverance-even when I was about to give up,

#patience-when I was tired of waiting for a good idea,

#accountability-working even when I did not feel like it, even when there was no lecturer to push me,

#faith-I submitted my work incomplete and thought that I should give it a chance regardless of how sketchy it was,

I also learnt a couple of lessons on friendship and I realized that you dont really know someone’s true colours until the moment when they are under most pressure.

Then again, I probably dint give it my all. My very best shot. 😐 #feeling-abit-embarassed#

I could easily give up and decide to never get into a competition because I did not achieve what I wanted, or thought I wanted in this one. But what about what I actually needed?? Doesnt that matter more??


*trying to really console myself here*

I choose to move on to the next. That work goes straight to my portfolio though, haha. I may have tripped and fallen a few steps back..but with God by my side, I choose to continue climbing the mountain..till I reach the top. See you there.. πŸ˜‰

Keep Shining,

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